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International Conference on Role of Yoga for Building Competence of Students

FARIDABAD NEWS. 18 JUNE 2021 :       The Community College of Skill Development (CCSD) of J. C. Bose University of Science and Technology, YMCA, Faridabad in association with Navyoga Suryoday Seva Samiti today organised an International conference on “The Role of Yoga for Building Competence of University students in the Changing scenario” to mark the occasion of International Yoga Day with its theme “Yoga for well-being.
Prof. B. K. Kuthiala , Chairman of Higher State Higher Education Council, was the Chief Guest in the inaugural session. The session was graced by Ramlal, Akhil Bharatiya Sampark Pramukh of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and presided over by Prof. Dinesh Kumar, Vice Chancellor of JC Bose University. The webinar session was held on the virtual platform, which was coordinated by the Principal of CCSD Dr. Sanjeev Goyal and Smt. Neeva Singh.
Speaking on this occasion, Vice- Chancellor Prof. Dinesh Kumar motivated the students and talked about the importance of yoga and how it helps in leading a healthier lifestyle. He talked about how this theme is relevant in today’s scenario, as the world is still reeling from the major upheaval of the Coronavirus pandemic. It has not just impacted us physically but also mentally. He also shared his personal experience on how daily yoga boosts immunity and provides many health benefits and it helped him a lot when he went through Coronovirus infection.
Speaking on the occasion, Sh. Ramlal said that the corona pandemic has affected the mental health, respiratory and immune system. To deal with these problems and to prevent COVID-19, every medical system, be it allopathy and ayurveda have suggested the importance of yoga during pandemic. He also highlighted the importance of yoga in the lives of the students. He said that students should not give up their desire and curiosity to learn new things. He inspired the students to think positively and emphasised on adopting yoga to promote positive thinking in life.
Addressing the conference, Prof. Brij Kishore Kuthiala said that the pandemic has forced us to think about our existence for our present and future. This is a difficult time especially for the students. They are not getting the opportunity to physically go to the classrooms and laboratories. In such a situation, students have to work on themselves to be future ready. They have to work towards building their own capabilities, in which yoga can play an important role in their life. Yoga increases concentration, which develops better understanding in studies. Positive energy flows through yoga, which gives them the ability to move forward and lead. Therefore, students should adopt yoga for personality development and capacity building.
Earlier, the session commenced with swastivchan presented by Sh. Harsh Shukla followed by address by Yogacharya Manjari Joshi, Director of Navayoga. She demonstrated various yoga asanas that can help in relaxing the mind and body. After that, Principal of CCSD, Dr Sanjeev Goyal welcomed the guest and the participants.
Later, Dr. Navdeep Joshi, Founder of Navyoga gave the introduction about the session, aadyog and the essentialness of yoga in our day-today life and its relevance in the times when society is still recovering from the massive impact of coronavirus disease.
The session was also addressed by Yogacharya Mohan Karki, the founder of Yoga Guru Institute and Dr. Vikram Singh, President of Navyog Shodh Evm Prachaar Prasaar Sansthan. They talked about the growing trend of people around the world embracing Yoga to stay healthy and rejuvenated and to fight social isolation and depression faced by almost everyone during pandemic.

International Conference on Role of Yoga for Building Competence of Students

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